Electronics Design, Development & Implementation

MKSE is the right place for electronics design and realization. MKSE has already successfully completed many complex firmware and hardware projects in the past, and looks forward to working with you!

Do you have an electronics design or development, project but you lack the necessary knowledge, manpower or both? As an electronics designer, developer and implementation specialist, MKSE is the ideal partner to assist your team or to outsource your assignment to.

Custom electronics

MKSE is a design and development agency with experience in developing electronics for various applications. We consider coming up with suitable solutions for difficult electronics issues as a challenge!

Use our knowledge of the latest developments in electronics components! We are committed to fulfilling this crucial role in the creation of your product!

Firmware Development

Are you looking for a reliable technology partner in Firmware Development? MKSE has been active as a firmware development company for the whole of the Netherlands since 2009. You can also contact MKSE for custom embedded software (firmware). With knowledge and insight into this specialized technology, MKSE can assist you in all parts of the development process.

Custom Embedded Software (Firmware)

MKSE combines your industry knowledge with our own knowledge of firmware and electronics development. Together we thus arrive at a product that stands firmly on its own. Fully customized, tailored to your specific requirements. Our multidisciplinary developers unburden you in all aspects of your project.

Software Engineering

With experience, insight and passion for software design, MKSE is the ideal choice to develop your tailor-made software. With inhouse knowledge of the specialized technology in your industry, MKSE can assist you in all parts of your project – or even supply the complete product; from concept to realization.

Since 2009, MKSE has been a software developer for organizations, entrepreneurs and companies who want to make an impact with innovative apps and software. Not only embedded software – standalone software for general use is also possible.

Your reliable App Developer

We discuss what you want to achieve with the software, your requirements and wishes, we analyze the possibilities and translate them into the best combination of technology and User Experience (UX). This gives you an efficient and elegant design, a clear roadmap. and a high-quality technical construction plan that will keep functional and compatible many years into the future.

MKSE Portfolio

MKSE has successfully completed many projects in recent years. The most recent projects are not (yet) listed here at the request of the customer. Below you will find an overview of some projects that MKSE has worked on in recent years.

Would you like to know more?

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