MKSE, your innovative technology partner since 2009

In 2009, MKSE was founded as an embedded software consultant. Since then, the company has grown into the technology partner par excellence for the development of firmware and electronics, both to outsource projects and to support existing development teams.

MKSE supports companies both large and small in the development of (high-tech) products in the field of technical software and electronics. These assignments are carried out at the customer’s location, or in our own office in Zutphen. Here, MKSE has an extensive lab environment at its disposal.

Depending on the wishes of the client, MKSE carries out the entire firmware development, or works together with the engineers of the client. In addition, MKSE can optimize the schematics for smooth hardware-software interaction with your hardware designers.

This takes into account the specific characteristics of the hardware and the possibilities within the software. In addition, taking care of the development of software and electronics is also possible with MKSE.

After all, consultation on the desired end result and progress is self-evident in all cases.

Why choose MKSE?

  • Our own Altium licenses
  • Prototypes are available quickly because of MKSE owns their own production line
  • Diverse staff with each their own specialism

MKSE is a growing company!

  • Since 2015, electronics design is handled completely in-house
  • MKSE invests every year in expanding knowledge and in further expansion of the available test and measuring equipment.
  • 4 full-fledged workplaces with vacancies being filled and a growing workforce – No stagnation!

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