Maarten has worked at Alphatronics on various projects where his extensive knowledge of embedded software development came in handy. His broad interest and knowledge of (digital) technology were also a good addition to these projects.

Because of his great enthusiasm and good communication skills, Maarten is a pleasant partner to work with.

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Jeroen – Alphatronics

Maarten has managed to bring an important project to a solid conclusion at Alphatronics. In addition, all his software skills came in handy, but also his interest in and knowledge of (digital) electronics. We have come to know Maarten as a highly motivated and innovative developer. After completion, his project was successfully submitted to Telefication for inspection (EN50136 inspection), a clear proof of competence.

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Cojan – Alphatronics

Maarten developed embedded software for a NXP ARM µC, used as controller for a TRIAC dimmable LED lamp.

Maarten has successfully made a part of the firmware in this controller, this being a software/hardware buck. He not only made the software but also debugged/co-designed the hardware circuit.

Work went as scheduled and we as NXP were highly satisfied on the work done and specific on his capability to get the software job done including fixing hardware design issues (the last was not part of the original request).

Cees – NXP Semiconductors

Altran has hired Maarten several times for projects where the required knowledge in the field of electronics and the associated software was not present in their own ranks. Maarten has carried out these tasks one by one to great satisfaction. Thanks to his knowledge and experience he managed to deliver on time, the quality has always been excellent. The nice thing about working with Maarten is that he completely unburdens you, and if consultation is needed he will contact you directly.

In addition to his professional knowledge, Maarten is a very pleasant person to work with. He is open, friendly and patient. Drive is another characteristic of him that we have experienced, he truly gets a grip on all the challenges of a project and ensures that the right method is found to deal with them. In the future, we will definitely ask Maarten to carry out assignments for us.

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Bauke – Altran

In Progressive we have been working with Maarten since 2011 and we have mediated on several projects, always satisfactorily.

The feedback we receive from our clients generally concern Maarten’s ability to always meet deadlines, deliver high quality, communicate well and be able to advise as a consultant on complex issues.

Typical of Maarten is that, as a technician, he also has the business sense to see commercial interests. Maarten exudes calm and professionalism and is very pleasant to deal with.

In short, I can certainly recommend Maarten, but I prefer to keep him for our own projects!

Hajo – Progressive

Maarten has worked at NXP on embedded software for a security solution in one of our products. He was the lead of a team that was mainly in Asia. He set up the architecture in close consultation with the IC and system architects and ensured that the firmware team implemented this.
This firmware project has been brought to a successful conclusion thanks to the efforts of Maarten.

As a person, Maarten is a pleasant person to work with: open, direct and he tells you how it is. He is focused on the job and thinks along to bring it to a solid conclusion. Motivated to let his team think / work, resulted in him even spending a month in Asia for us.

I would recommend Maarten and in the future I will strongly consider asking him for one of our projects.


Jaap – NXP