Realtime Embedded Software

You can outsource all your projects with real-time embedded software / firmware at MKSE; since 2009 active as a real-time software engineer. MKSE is a solid choice if you want to complete a realtime embedded software project, but lack the necessary in-house knowledge, manpower or both. As an embedded software specialist, MKSE is the ideal partner to strengthen your team or outsource your assignment.

Firmware / Embedded Software

Often the amount of development work that comes with customized firmware development is underestimated. MKSE has the experience and knowledge to give a good estimate of how much time is needed to meet your specific requirements and wishes. MKSE can assist you in all parts of the development process for electronics projects within your branch – or even deliver the complete complete product: from concept phase to delivery and support.

Embedded Software for every industry

Your industry-specific knowledge combined with our knowledge of embedded software and electronics development comes together as a product that is firmly in the shoes. Several customers came before you and found a firmware engineer, project manager, hardware developer and technology partner in MKSE. As an electronics specialist, we unburden you in all aspects of your project.


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