Custom Electronics

Orders in the world of embedded software and associated hardware can be safely given to MKSE; we are at home in all markets. Do you need an efficient and elegant custom electronics solution, but do you lack the necessary knowledge, manpower or both? MKSE is the ideal multidisciplinary partner to strengthen your team, or to outsource your assignment to completely.

Firmware & Hardware

From custom printed circuit boards to electron microscopes, from chip drivers to interfaces for new tech; MKSE is capable of finding solutions for you in a multidisciplinary fashion in the firmware / software / electronics fields, while maximizing the strength within these different fields. That will make your product all the more solid!

Electronics development for your industry

Your industry’s knowledge combined with our knowledge of firmware and electronics development converges into an electronics product that meets all modern standards. Several customers came before you and found in MKSE an electronics developer, project manager, programmer and technology partner in one. As an electronics engineering company, we unburden you in all aspects of your project.


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